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Ready to heal?

Take the steps today to live the life you yearn for...

It's a big decision. It's hard to ask for help, especially when the issue is as personal as what you have been struggling with. How can you know that therapy will help? How can you know that this therapist can be trusted? Perhaps you have tried therapy before. If it was a good experience you may be concerned that another therapist will never understand you as well as the last one. If it was a bad experience you may have lost trust in the therapeutic process. Maybe you have already spoken to a Rabbi or Rebbetzin, a teacher or a friend. It made you feel a little better or a little worse, but the situation didn't really change. You've perhaps read self-help books and articles on the internet dealing with the issues that you struggle with, but you have not found substantial help. The idea of even speaking out loud about the thoughts that have been going through your head is overwhelming, how will you be able to speak to a stranger about such things?!?


Picking up the phone to call a therapist and make an appointment takes tremendous courage, but the pain and frustration that you feel are strong enough to push you to try to make a change. 


I know what that's like.


I understand how hard it is to take that brave step to turn to someone for help. I have seen numerous people start therapy scared, overwhelmed and frustrated, yet after a number of months they have seen major changes in their lives, sometimes in ways that they never expected. 


I am committed to doing everything that I can to make the therapeutic experience a safe, healing, successful and supportive experience for each of my clients. I invite you to come and meet me. We will discuss your concerns, hopes and fears and build a treatment plan to help you meet your needs and goals. We will work at a pace that feels challenging enough to help you grow and slow enough to maintain your safety and security.

I find that I do my best work with clients who have self awareness, have clear goals that they are ready to work towards, and want to see real change quickly. Within the first two sessions we will start using the most effective and up-to-date treatment techniques available, so that you can feel a difference right away. This isn't about talking about your issues for weeks and months and hoping that something starts to feel different. 

The approaches and techniques that I use will allow you to experience real change within the sessions themselves, so that when you leave the office you leave feeling differently than you did when you came in. 


I look forward to seeing you...

If you believe that it is possible to destroy - believe that it is possible to repair.  
                                       Rebbe Nachman of Breslov


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